Past exhibitions


physical presence, may 4-21, 2017

Exhibiting Artists: Barbara Hirschowitz and Rae Trimmier

Relationships, Apr 6-23 2017

Curate by Janice Kluge, Professor Emeritus, UAB

Back in time, Mar 2-26 2017

Exhibiting Artists: Tara Lee, Martha Jean Shaw, Ashley Wingo

Connected, Feb 2-19 2017

Exhibiting Artists: Catherine Cabaniss, Missy Litton, Miriam Norris Omura, Anita Ronderos, Rae Trimmier

resolution, Jan 10-22 2017

Exhibiting Artists: Catherine Friend, Barbara Hirschowitz, Daisie Hoitsma, Martha Jean Shaw, and Anna Zoladz


Small works winter show, Dec 1-18 2016

Exhibiting Artists: Tara Lee, Rae Trimmier, Elaine Kinnaird, Catherine Cabaniss, Miriam Norris Omura, Elizabeth Marie Farr, Ashley Wingo, Barbara Hirschowitz, Martha Jean Shaw, Anna Zoladz, Missy Litton, Anita Ronderos

J Alexander A Sense of Isolation.jpg

de ja "View" Oct 27-nov 13 2016

Exhibiting Artists: James Alexander & Pamela Venz

What happens when decades of intimately shared experiences between two individuals are recorded through generational and conceptual discrepancies?  For the past 32 years, James Alexander and Pam Venz have been companions in life, love, and creative vision.  Married in 1984, the pair has been constructing work that reflects their shared experiences through their own conceptual and aesthetic vocabularies.  A fifteen-year difference in age further amplifies the variation of these works.  


September show, sept 22-oct 16 2016

Exhibiting Artists: Martha Jean Shaw, Catherine Cabaniss, Anita Ronderos, Sara Garden Armstrong and Elizabeth Marie Farr