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Through thE LEns, March 7-24 2019

Anita Gomez-Ronderos, Claire LeSar, and Jimmy Nunn Jr.

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I offer this, February 7-28 2019

Patty B. Driscoll, Catharine Friend, and Leah Karol

A good story.jpg

A Good Story, January 10-27 2019

Ric Haynes


Exhibition 21, December 6-30 2018

Sarah Jeanne Atkins, Sara Garden Armstrong, Catherine Cabaniss, Patty B. Driscoll, Catharine Friend, Melanie Grinney, Anita Gómez-Ronderos, Barbara Hirschowitz, Daisie Hoitsma, Leah Karol, Julian Jackson, Elaine Kinnaird, Tara Stallworth Lee, Miriam Norris Omura, Claire LeSar, Jimmy Nunn Jr., Emily Rice, Rae Trimmier, Susan Vitali, and Ashley Wingo.

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Echo, November 1-18 2018

Elaine Farley Kinnaird, Miriam Norris Omura, Susan Vitali

Same Parts.jpg

Same Parts, October 4-21 2018

Sarah Jeanne Adkins, Daisie Hoitsma, Julian Jackson


Making Room: Stories About Ghosts, September 6-23 2018

Tracie Noles-Ross, Ashley Wingo, Emily Rice

Everywhere and There.jpg

Everywhere and There, July 12-29 2018

Sam Bornstein, John Dilg, Amy Pleasant, and Christina Renfer Vogel

Final June Evite copy.jpg

Fragmented Recall, June 7-24 2018

Sara Garden Armstrong and Barbara Hirschowitz


PhantasmaGORIA, May 3-20 2018

Maggie King, Catherine Cabaniss, and Tara Stallworth Lee

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A Look At Us, April 5-22 2018

Taylor Atkinson, Laura Benson, A Morgan Capps, Jessica Chanel, Rebecca Delgado, Joseph De Sciose, Anna Eggers, Kristy From-Brown, Alexander Green, Sarah Heath and Stacey Holloway, Steve Higginbotham, Stacey Holloway, Hailey Kirkley, Leanna Lesley, Sarah Jane Mathews, Bianca Mireles, Brittany Carol Moore, Joni Moore, Brenda Victoria Nichols, Tracie Noles-Ross, Cary Norton and Jared Ragland, Amber Orr, Jon Osborne, Alayna Pernell, Kevin Rodriguez, Sarah Scott, Tara Stallworth Lee, Rachel Wakefield, Joi West, Michael Willett, Terrence Wimberly, and Chloe York

Nurture invite.jpg

Nurture, March 8-25 2018

Curated by Douglas Pierre Baulos

Sara Garden Armstrong, Florence Blair, Catherine Cabaniss, Elizabeth Farr, Catharine Friend, Anita Gómez-Ronderos, Darius Hill, Barbara Hirschowitz, Daisie Hoitsma, Leah Karol, Maggie King, Elaine Kinnaird, Tara Stallworth Lee, Miriam Norris Omura, Charity Ponter, Emily Rice, Rae Trimmier, Susan Vitali, Ashley Wingo, and Mary Grace Wolnski,



Rhythm: A Meditation on Time, February 1-18 2018

Daisie Hoitsma, Susan Vitali, Ashley Wingo


Kingston_Harbor copy.jpg

She Ain't Gone Nowher', January 4-21 2018

Tia-Simone Gardner


Landscapes, December 7-29 2017


Fluid Constraints, November 2-19 2017

Catherine Cabaniss, Catharine Friend, and Tara Stallworth Lee


Fragmented Narratives, October 5-22 2017

Maggie King, Anita Ronderos, Martha Jean Shaw


Monkey's Slide, September 7-24 2017

Elaine Kinnaird and Missy Litton


Menagerie: Animal as Symbol,  July 13-30, 2017

Curated by Stacey Holloway

Lesley Baker, Doug Baulos, Kristen Berry, Rachel Bleil, Page Burch, Merrilee Challiss, Gary Chapman, Derek Cracco, Andrew Perry Davis, Lee Deigaard, Cat Duncan, Alyssa Fagaly, Jenny Fine, Nelson Grice, Sarah Heath, Heather Spencer Holmes, Bonard Hughins, Keith Kaziak, Lauren Kinney, Janice Kluge, Mumu Lasseter, Katelyn Ledford, Devin Lunsford, Bryce Martinez, Stacy Morgan, Aaron Leif Nicholson, Cary Norton, Allen Peterson, Celeste Amparo Pfau, Jacob Phillips, Wayne Potratz, Jared Ragland, Chiharu Roach, Savannah Smith, Annie Strong, Katie Thompson, Patrick Vincent, Ajene Williams, Jon Skyler Woolley, Rachel Wright, and Tony Wright



Without This, June 8-25 2017

Leah Karol, Melanie Grinney, and Miriam Omura

physical presence, may 4-21 2017

Barbara Hirschowitz and Rae Trimmier

Relationships, Apr 6-23 2017

Curated by Janice Kluge, Professor Emeritus, UAB

Back in time, Mar 2-26 2017

Tara Stallworth Lee, Martha Jean Shaw, Ashley Wingo

Connected, Feb 2-19 2017

Catherine Cabaniss, Missy Litton, Miriam Norris Omura, Anita Ronderos, Rae Trimmier

resolution, Jan 10-22 2017

Catherine Friend, Barbara Hirschowitz, Daisie Hoitsma, Martha Jean Shaw, and Anna Zoladz


Small works winter show, Dec 1-18 2016

Tara Stallworth Lee, Rae Trimmier, Elaine Kinnaird, Catherine Cabaniss, Miriam Norris Omura, Elizabeth Marie Farr, Ashley Wingo, Barbara Hirschowitz, Martha Jean Shaw, Anna Zoladz, Missy Litton, Anita Ronderos

J Alexander A Sense of Isolation.jpg

de ja "View" Oct 27-nov 13 2016

James Alexander & Pamela Venz

What happens when decades of intimately shared experiences between two individuals are recorded through generational and conceptual discrepancies?  For the past 32 years, James Alexander and Pam Venz have been companions in life, love, and creative vision.  Married in 1984, the pair has been constructing work that reflects their shared experiences through their own conceptual and aesthetic vocabularies.  A fifteen-year difference in age further amplifies the variation of these works.  


September show, sepember 22-oct 16 2016

Martha Jean Shaw, Catherine Cabaniss, Anita Ronderos, Sara Garden Armstrong and Elizabeth Marie Farr