Elizabeth Marie Farr

Elizabeth Marie Farr has a studio on the second floor of the 21st Street Studios, and has been pushing the artist group to have a dedicated studio space that would be open to the public. Her persistence, along with the that of other artists, has resulted in fulfilling her dream, with the creation of Ground Floor Contemporary. In addition, Farr will be exhibiting in the inaugural show.

Farr is an abstract artist who works in acrylic paint. She is influenced by the Color Field and Abstract Expressionism painters of the 1940s and 1950s. She greatly admires, and is inspired by, the works of Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaller. When starting a work, she has a basic idea of the colors she will use, and then she works out from there how to create her pieces.

Farr works predominantly with acrylics, which she manipulates and moves around her canvases with whatever tool will accomplish her end goal. Her tools of choice go beyond the typical brush or palate knife, and she uses various unexpected household tools, or simply works with her hands directly on the canvas.

Farr prefers to work on a larger scale, claiming that smaller scale works are harder for her to execute, but you’d be hard-pressed to think that her smaller works had been a problem for her. From large to small, her works hold a constant style which is unique to Farr, who possesses a sensitivity to color that only the experience of over 20 years of painting can bring.